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Introduction of the new token foreigner

Warning: This is a long post. Trying to make up for the time it took me to write this.

It's been a while coming, but this is an introduction to me and a little about my future with Fresh Egg. My name is Juliette and I'm just finishing the third week that I've been working for Fresh Egg. A little about me before I joined the company:

I'm originally from Cape Town (South Africa) where I lived until July this year when I up sticks and moved myself to London for a slight change of scenery. I think Cape Town is the most amazing place ever, but I can't cope with many of the aspects regarding the governing and running of the country. There's a lot of good work going on at home, but I felt that my career would be a lot better served by moving over here. So far I have been justified in my assumption. I came out on my own two weeks after getting married and my husband followed in September. Or more accurately he rocked up outside my work in London one day, with no warning at all, in September and said "hi, I'm here" Needless to say much running around and hand waving (and a little shrieking) occurred.

Working for Fresh Egg is the second job I've had since I got to this country and my third in SEO throughout the world. I originally fell into SEO when the firm who hired me as a web developer needed an SEO copywriter. So I swapped roles and spent the next year churning out copy all day every day for a bunch of American alternative health stores. I literally had a list of 6 topics / sites to write about and I had to churn out 3 to 6 articles on just those topics each day for about 9 months. I almost gave up on SEO before I made the decision to leave the continent through frustration and boredom. I'm very glad I didn't, but it did teach me how to write the same material over and over in different ways which definitely improved my abilities. I decided to leave when the guy who taught and managed me left since his replacement was an obnoxious boy with a hugely self inflated sense of his own abilities and importance. I figured since I was leaving the job a complete change was needed, except in actual career.

There were four of us working on SEO for a single client and the guy who taught me learnt through teaching himself. Two of the best things he ever did for me were to get me to visit Cre8asite forums every day, something that I feel has helped me tremendously, and try to instil a belief that Ammon Johns was the God of SEO and way cooler than sliced bread. Now I think he was going a bit far, but not that far off, maybe the Patron Saint of Search or something.

I was working at another Search Marketing firm in London until I was given this job. The way I got the job was through first noticing the training in Ammon's signature at cre8asite forums. I really wanted to do the training program, but getting the money and time together to be able to do it was a sticking point. Then I saw that Fresh Egg was looking to hire experience SEO's so I asked Ammon about it. My query ended up in an interview which obviously went well on both sides since I'm now working here. Before anyone else asks: I may live in London but the commute is fine, thanks! My only problem is getting up before it's light in winter.

My job title is SEO Marketeer, makes me a feel a bit like a pirate, though I think only my mind is strange enough to make that sort of connection. It's a little obtuse a title, but what it actually entails is me doing a lot of writing. This is just fine with me since my writing is starting to develop more and more with each project I get given. I was taught how to write a lot and now I'm getting to write in different ways. It's like learning how to use a scalpel properly as opposed to a flick knife. I think that being able to work with people that I have developed a lot of respect for in the last three weeks is such an amazing opportunity. I think my abilities help Fresh Egg to offer something additional to their clients in the way of content for their sites. I believe that working in environment where you're encouraged to learn so much is something that everyone should experience. This environment is something that is showing me that I'm going to be hanging around bothering people for quite a while.

I've never had a set career path envisioned, but one thing I know is that I want to write for a living and at the moment I'm being given that opportunity. This is not something I'll willingly give up. For as long as possible I'm happy to play sponge in this environment because I know that everything I learn is making me better at what I love. It's hard to write about a future you're not certain about, but one thing I do know is Fresh Egg is going to play a big part in it.

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