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It is official – Fresh Egg is good for you!

Musa Aykac

In the fast-paced world of internet marketing and SEO we’re used to things changing very quickly, and it’s not unusual to find something you thought you knew all about has suddenly flipped on its head and changed completely. But imagine our surprise when a BBC news report this morning announced to the world it’s been proven that fresh egg is good for you!

Of course, we hear you cry, we already knew that Fresh Egg is good for your business health! But it seems it’s now been proven at last that our eggy friends in the food world are just as good for your personal health too. Now, as changing opinions go, that’s a pretty good one. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were being told all eggs contained salmonella, then they were bad for cholesterol or guaranteed to give us heart disease if we ate more than three a week, and now suddenly we’re being told we should be eating as many as possible… Seriously, where did that come from?

Apparently the British Heart Foundation announced the newfound healthy benefits of fresh eggs a couple of years ago, but results show that 45% of the population still think they’re bad for you. Let’s hope they don’t think the same about us! Still, you have to wonder what they’ll be telling us next… Considering the extent of the outcry over ‘killer’ eggs in the past, it almost wouldn’t seem surprising if the NHS started prescribing cigarettes for stress by this time next year!

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