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Dan Wotton

business development manager

Fresh Egg are long standing partners of Secpay and were invited to help them celebrate their launch as at the renowned Groucho Club in central London. A champagne reception and wine tasting "competition" were the order of the day.

Never one to miss an opportunity to network (and drink fine wines) I was fashionably early and the first to arrive. The Groucho club is an establishment with no external signage, just a solitary flag displaying their famous duck logo and thoughts of partying with celebs and glitterati in this exclusive venue filled my head.


I may not have bumped into Stephen Fry or Brad Pitt but I enjoyed being inside such an esteemed club and my hosts and companions for the evening were excellent company.The champagne was of fine quality and the canapes, salmon and caviar, mini shepherds pie and lemon crab tarts were delightful.

The main event was a wine tasting challenge provided by The Wine Adventure ltd. We were split into four teams, given an energetically delivered "all we'll need to know" and got stuck into sampling three delicious whites. There were cheat sheets to guide us along, various experts to give hints and of course our own experience with grape juice quaffing.

Reds followed but by this time our table was a lot more rambunctious and we had apparently killed our taste buds as we followed up an excellent show in the first round with almost complete failure! We clawed back some points with the quick fire question round and made up some ground in the scent challenge.

nez du vin scent challenge kit

Many thanks to Dawn Bee for chairing our table and Toby Mason for getting everything we got right, alas it was not to be and table 3 took the title (and some champagne too!)

Greatest thanks to for inviting Fresh Egg along, I look forward to next time eagerly.

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