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Another SEO engineer Hatchling!

Allan Bisset

Welcome to Saurav  Rimal, yet another SEO engineer just joined at Fresh Egg!   Saurav got into SEO when he was at University and built a website for his family restaurant.  Having built it, he then had to find a way to promote it in Search Engines and that’s when the SEO bug bit!  He lives and breathes onsite or offsite SEO and is always on the lookout for new SEO techniques by reading blogs from various companies and feels there is much more for him to learn in this field.

He is also totally addicted to Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter and believes Twitter could be the next Google. He loves Gmail and thinks it’s the best Website in the world, if it’s ever made a paid service, he will quit eating meat :o).

Suarav: Social Media addict and SEO

Saurav is really looking forward to being nearer the sea and feels that Fresh Egg is a great opportunity for him to move forward in his career.  He’s so keen that he’s moving down from Birmingham where he worked for a company called eSterling.  He plays cricket for West Bromwich Dartmouth but with his move here he’s hoping to play locally (Worthing Cricket Club take note!).

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