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Sleepless in Worthing - Further Adventures in SEO Copywriting

David Showell

In September, I posted a blog to the Fresh Egg site about my first few weeks with the company, and I was pleased to note that some people, not just me, actually read it!  Thanks to the feedback I got from my colleagues, I was able to conduct a little straw poll of reactions to it, which I am pleased to share below:


11.2% of Fresh Eggers said, ”Nice blog, thanks for the contribution!”

52.4% of Fresh Eggers said, ”I didn’t know you’d written a post on the blog!”

21.2% of Fresh Eggers said, ”I haven’t got time to read it, but I’m sure it’s very nice!”

15.2% of Fresh Eggers said, ”What was your name again?”


So here, for the loyal 11.2%, is another blog post about my continued progress at Fresh Egg Towers.  First and foremost, I’m still here, so I’m ready to assume that I must be doing something right.

Every day is another journey of discovery for me, providing articles and blogs for a variety of clients. While there are many subjects that can be written about, I personally prefer the ones that give me a chance to let my imagination run wild.  It’s all very well writing about paperclips, but if I was honest I’d say I would rather be picturing myself jetting off to Bali with a glass of champagne in one hand and a cheese sandwich in the other. Sorry, but I really like cheese sandwiches.

On one wall at Fresh Egg Towers, there is a TV screen churning out a never-ending stream of pop tunes and Go Compare adverts, and while this is wonderful for some, I prefer the alternative. Instead, I’m facing a wall-sized mural that has to be seen to be believed, and even after three months it’s still infinitely more interesting than the telly.  Thanks to the seating arrangements, I get the best of both worlds, with a pleasing vista to look at and the occasional musical gem to listen to.

The working environment here in Worthing is one which continues to inspire me, and being surrounded by clever and interesting people is always helpful when you’re trying to be creative. Recently, however, an incident occurred which, for a brief moment, made me doubt their loyalty to their much-loved copywriter.

I was listening on my headphones to my favourite album of the moment, Napalm Death Live at Worthing Pier, and feverishly working hard on an article about the best way to get the trains to run on time (this is still a work in progress), when all my colleagues suddenly got up from their chairs and departed, very quickly and very determinedly.

Naturally, I assumed the fire alarm had gone off but I had been unable to hear it, so I started to move as well, silently cursing my workmates for leaving me to burn to death purely because I was too engrossed in my work. However, when I looked behind me I found my colleagues gathering in the kitchen.

There was no fire. There was no panic. There was no disaster. There was, however, a huge quantity of free doughnuts that had just been delivered. It seems the grapevine had informed everyone about the event, but I had failed to hear it. However, I did manage to get a doughnut for myself, and very nice it was, too.

The more technical side of the job is something I am slowly getting to grips with, but over many years of working in various industries I have mastered the art of looking intelligent even when I don’t particularly understand all the things that people are talking about. I’m good at this. It helps if you wear glasses, I think. I appear to be alert and ready to spring into action, but inside my head I may just be playing some music to myself instead.

However, ask me to write some articles and I’m ready and willing to get going. Most of the time, a blank Word document is something of a challenge in itself, and I can’t wait to start filling it up. Ten reasons to buy a blue moped? No problem. World domination via three easy steps? Piece of cake. How to get to Australia without stepping on the cracks in the pavement? Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. How to get the trains running on time? Errr, I’m still working on that one.

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