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Tropical Sky - a trip to Ireland


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I was taken to Ireland last week with one of our clients called Tropical Sky. Fresh Egg has been working on their Internet marketing for the past 2 years and we have seen a significant increase in their business; a lot of which can be attributed to the successful SEO strategy and implementation (in addition to all their hard work ;)).

Tropical Sky decided to launch an Irish version of their successful UK operation at the end of January this year so I was invited over to see the progress of the project to date.

We landed in Shannon and headed across to Listowel – a quiet town in South West Ireland (quiet until everyone comes out to drink on the Saturday night!). We arrived on the Friday and planned to have dinner with Kevin and Paula who work in the Irish office. When we arrived at our hotel we couldn’t wait to tuck into our first pint of Guinness – this went down well and we followed on with another couple of pints before dinner ? The hospitality Kevin and Paula gave us was fantastic and we were well looked after!!

In the morning we headed off to the new office. The facility was fantastic; brand new office with a buzz about it already. Kevin had managed to recruit some very experienced staff and it was great to see them keeping busy on the phones.

The new website had generated enquiries from the moment it was launched, with an order on the first day of trading! The success within the first month of launching the site is really promising and has already surpassed any early expectations. This is what we all thrive on at Fresh Egg – the ability to launch new companies supported by an Internet marketing campaign that has immediate affect and which is extremely cost effective.

There is no better feeling for us – walking into an office and hearing the phones ring knowing they are new customers with enquiries for orders because they have found our clients website in Google!

In the afternoon we were treated to some more Guinness and a fantastic lunch at Kevin’s house. The Irish are truly social people and I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality – I had a great time and I can’t wait to come over in the summer.

Tropical Sky specialise in luxury holidays to tropical places – this might include a wedding abroad or a honeymoon to the Caribbean. They are long haul specialists and they won Tour Operator of the Year 2007 awarded by the Sunday Times. If you are planning a special holiday these are the people to trust!

Tropical Sky in Ireland -

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