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UK shoppers untrusting of e-commerce

So while all those e-commerce tills are ringing it appears the Great British public is still not quite trusting of the whole online shopping experience, why?

Well, for one there are too many sites that still have problems in the checkout stages. Two large UK retailers that I have used recently both had issues during the checkout process. If it wasn't for the fact that I was desperately after the two special offers I would have left immediately, but if it had been my partner, she would not have continued with the transaction.

As an experienced web user I was able to get round the problems, but for many the problems encountered would have been too much. Quite frankly, it's not on. Why are web users so widely disregarded by the large UK retailers? Is it really a case of the numbers game for the larger sites on the web? Do tradition retailers receive so much traffic they are in a position to jettison traffic right, left and centre?

I don't usually find problems with dedicated etailers. Sites such as Amazon and Play are slick sales machines; in my view it is the mindset of the British Retailer to not have a site that serves the net user adequately.

It is reported that a staggering 37% of those questionedï n the survey have experienced problems when completing an online transaction within the last 12 months.

One thing that puzzles me is that if smaller etailers can get it right and have slick functional online payment systems, why can't the large retail chains with all their budget do the same?

What about small etailers with niche sites? They have to scrap for every online sale there is; white furniture specialists, New England Lifestyle have a functional shopping cart system, as do silver jewellery specialists Zoo Jewellery, as do wine rack specialists Wineware? Any issues with the online payment process can seriously affect income generated by smaller e-commerce sites, again, is this why they try harder?

Is it a case of Internet sales being the afterthought for many of Britains top retailers?

The great thing about the web is choice, and it is choice that enables 40% of online shoppers to stop dealing with a site/business that has had issues with its online service.

Come on retailers/etailers, get your act together and give us online shoppers the service we deserve and be on your guard because if shopping cart goes wrong there is a 40% chance your visitor will not return to buy from you in the future.

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