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UXPeople - What are they REALLY Like?

Nikki Rae

As a web analyst, I concentrate very much on users at a data level then investigate further on real users and business approaches. To this end, I commonly think of conversion analyses on 3 levels and thus I often take a bottom - up approach:

1. User Level - User Experience/Perspectives

2. Business Level - Business Needs/Perspectives/Approaches

3. Data Level - Web Analytics/evidence

Today, I am off to London to the #uxpeople event ( to meet some of the Masters of User Experience, to learn and talk about designing applications and websites from a user perspective and to turn my conversion model on its' head!

I love concept meetings with practitioners from other streams - SEO, PPC, Affiliate marketers and then throw in the clients and their varying perspectives. Optimising a site to fit the needs of all the marketers and the clients, sometimes the users barely get a look in! E.g, my SEO colleagues will want text and links and keywords in certain places, whereas I, as a conversion specialist, may feel that the positionings are disruptive from a user experience. Each of us has to 'give and take' for if there was no marketing, then we wouldn't have users on the sites in the first place! No-one ever said website optimisation was easy!

Anyhow, I am envisaging that today, whilst I will learn plenty, there will also be areas that do not sit comfortably with my web analyst views (measure! measure! measure!).

Today, there are varying workshops of which one is being run by my friend and colleague, Jason Buck (@jasonbuck). Also, presenting are Jason Mesut, Darren Evans and Robert Fein. Between them, their clients include The National Lottery, BBC, BT, KLM, Ford, Reuters, Orange, HMV, Logica, Multimap, Universal Music, Becta, Cisco, RBS, The Financial Times and DirectGov.

The Programme:

Working together to develop beautiful user experiences - Jason and his colleagues discuss the aspirations and challenges of user experience specialists working together in harmony with designers and developers. Jason Mesut with Will Bloor and Phil Hawksworth

Digital trends - Darren will look at several emerging digital trends and the impact on user experience specialists.

Communication is the key to effective user experience - Robert will explore the role and importance of design communication in being a more effective User Experience professional.

Speed UX - Jason will present an energetic demonstration of how UX techniques can be used on the fly to impress clients.

Futuristic business challenges - Darren will reveal how to solve business challenges using futuristic digital media, in an interactive session that will allow attendees to gain hands-on experience.

Story telling – communicating the project - Jason gives tips and tricks on how to present your work and vision to stakeholders via presentations and face to face meetings.

Wicked workshops - A highly interactive and engaging session in which Jason Mesut will get attendees to try techniques for developing design concepts and user experience propositions.

Pitching UX - Robert will provide the golden rules for effective pitching, from demonstrating your idea to developing client chemistry.

Can' wait - will keep you posted!

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