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Why internet shopping SHOULD be cheaper

I have had a number of thoughts upon Internet Shopping in the last few days and how the online shopper is getting a raw deal.

Today, I give my thoughts on 'Why internet shopping SHOULD be cheaper'. I cannot remember the first time I brought something online, it was that long ago and back in the last century! Hundreds of online transactions later and I still look for the scour the web for  awesome bargains.

But that was the buzz in the early days; it was all about finding a bargain and there were always seemed to be bargains flying about.

But that is just it, today there is an absolute lack of bargains on the web, yet it should be the web shopper who is treated like royalty and given the best prices.

I can think of only one online store where I know the Internet prices are always cheaper then the high street prices. The silver jewellery specialist Zoo Jewellery have a 20% price reduction on all products, this gives an incentive to online shoppers and this is the way it should be.

Surely the retailers should be embracing the online shopper and not treating us with disdain. If for example I were to pay a visit to my local jewellery store, I would more than likely take the car, I would need to park-up, I would then have to battle with the crowds and then I have to wait for a sales assistant to become available so I can buy the piece of jewellery I want. That is fine if you like stress and grief!

This is the bit I do not get, a shop costs so much money to run. The retailers need to rent it, heat it, light it, secure it, insure it, most stores will have a EPOS system, then staff it and before all of that though a store will have to be kitted out.

Let me tell you all those points spell one thing, investment and this is why Internet shopper is getting a raw deal!

For me the online shopper is 'planet-friendly' as well, an online shopper does not personally consume petrol or add to congestion or utilise store resources. For me, too many of the big retailers are taking us for a ride. If an independent chain of jewellery stores such as Zoo Jewellery can accept the concept of online shopping and reward the online shopper with a significant genuine discount why cannot others?

Come on UK retailers, catch-up and give us online shoppers the real deal and not the raw deal.

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