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Why isn't my new website appearing in Google?


managing director

Hello and Happy Friday. I was asked to write a short article about recent challenges we have been facing for a Sussex business magazine. I thought I would share it with you:

One of the main challenges that we continually face is explaining the

requirements relating to search engine marketing for people who own new

websites. We have been inundated with enquiries from people with new

websites that have been built in time for the Christmas rush; but they haven't considered how

they are going to attract visitors to buy their products!

Once you have a website designed you then have to consider how it is going

to be marketed. A website does not automatically appear in Google without it

being 'optimised'. Search engine optimisation is the process of making a

website appear on the first page of the major search engine like Google.

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing investment and takes at least 4-5

months to make any impact at all. Once your website does enjoy first page

search positions you will be able to benefit from a cost effective way of

growing your business online!

If you have a new website and you still want to be able to hit the Christmas traffic you can consider using pay per click marketing NOW. Pay Per Click (PPC) allows you to get search engine coverage immediately but you will have to pay on a 'per click' basis for the privilege.

Give me a call on 01903 24 77 88 to discuss a long term search engine optimisation strategy or a way to attack some Christmas traffic buy utilising a PPC campaign.



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