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Why not to use a Splash Page!


managing director

We have had a few customers ask for Flash splash / intro pages to their websites. Fresh Egg DO NOT recommend the use of them! Here are a few pointers as to why not:

(Juliette said)

* Reduces usability on the page

* Prevents spiders from properly searching the page and entering the site

* Very bandwidth heavy

* Very often causes problems for browsers

* Slows customer access to information they came to the site for

* More likely have slow load times than a typical page making to more likely for a prospective client to leave (4 sec wait time is the average)

* Lack of content on page leave bots with little to give to the SE after spidering making it less relevant in SERPS

* Little or no updates make content stale and discourages spiders from returning

(Val said)

* Your readers come to your site to enter it and a splash page prevents that.

* Many readers don't like splash pages - and in some studies 25% of visitors left a site right after seeing a splash page.

* Splash pages break search engines. Since many splash pages only include a flash animation there isn't a lot for a search engine to optimize on. And if you add content to the page in comments you can be penalized for spamdexing.

* The animation can be repetitive. Readers who have seen the flash don't often want to sit through it again, but if you forget to include a "skip" option they will have to.

* While the flash movie or fancy animation may look really nice, the impression they make may be one of pretentiousness rather than detailing your skills.

* If you submit your splash page to a search engine, the JavaScript codes that move customers to the next page may prevent the search engine from adding any page on the site.

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