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Another Good Egg!

Allan Bisset

You may have read with interest our previous blog entry about Wired Sussex Media jobs fair in Brighton.  He liked the cut of our jib and was impressed with the forward looking, dynamic nature of the company, at least that’s what he wrote in his many groveling covering letters to Adam!  See that graduate recruitment post for the fuller picture, but needless to say one of Joe’s previous roles as a Health Care Assistant in a psychiatric unit restraining crazy people was probably also good grounding.

All this paid off and Joe finally struck gold in July this year when he set off for the bright lights of Worthing, landing an internship at Egg Towers.  The rest is history as they say and Joe is now an integral cog in the copywriting team, producing articles on anything and from car insurance to Chilean wine and everything in between! Being a personal trainer, Joe is a health freak at heart and often stinks out the office with his three square meals of tuna and broccoli a day, though his colleagues have just about forgiven him for this!

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