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Conversion Analyses – Search Engine Ultimisation!

Nikki Rae

It has always been our approach to offer SEO & PPC Services that integrate with conversion tracking.  This is because we realise that sending the right traffic to a site means that our the searchers need to create an action whether it be purchasing a product for our e-commerce clients or sending a contact enquiry form etc.

With the introduction of Google Analytics as a free robust and comprehensive tag-based tracking system, it has been a lot easier to show our clients where they can find value in our work us and they in turn give value to their customers in terms of their offerings.  It has made it much easier for us to prove to our clients that the key terms that we are promoting their site for are highly-related to the needs of their defined market.

Talking and reporting to our clients about  conversion options is second nature to us.  As we work with our Clients, understand their online business propositions and develop a long-term relationship we see the upturns and downturns of their markets and industries and have learnt to prepare and be proactive to ensure that their online ventures are not threatened.

Such is the realisation of our Clients of the value of our advice, we have had to develop a conversion department and services to cope with their needs and demands.

Particularly in the current recession it is incredibly important for online businesses to appreciate where they stand in the market in terms of competition and to spend time and money investing in their website promotion and conversion analyses to succeed.

Our approach to conversion analyses is to first be business analysts - to understand your online business, help you define goals and measure improvements  using defined metrics against initial benchmarks.

We develop a strategy for continuous improvement based upon the potential of the keywords to your site and the site design itself to ensure that the relatedness of these media invokes conversions.

Using our expertise in web concepts such as usability, information architecture, interaction design, accessibility, technical marketing and more alongside tools such as Google Analytics and Google Website Optimiser, we are extremely well-equipped to offer some of the best advice in the industry.

For more information on our Conversion , please contact:

Dan Wotton -

+44 1903 247788

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