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Eggsplosion of Business at Fresh Egg Needs New Talent

Allan Bisset

It’s been a hectic few months for us here at Fresh Egg.  Since the start of the year we’ve been growing like topsy as we add new services, clients and staff to our roster. James Caan coming aboard as our chairman gave that forward drive a boost and it’s been given yet another impetus with the exclusive partnership arrangement with Jellyfish.

The main engine for our growth though is the quality of service and results we deliver to an ever increasing client base.  That quality of service is sustained and enabled only through the talented people we employ.  I know it’s a cliché, often mouthed by companies who pay the sentiment no more than lip service, but here at Fresh Egg we genuinely do believe that people are our most important asset!

Fresh Egg is expanding at a fantastic rate

That commitment and belief goes further than most SMEs and companies in our sector.  We offer very competitive salaries and, for a company of our size, extremely generous benefits packages.  Fresh Egg initiated internship programmes some years ago and we’re actively developing a graduate recruitment scheme.  We’re serious about getting the best people we can and offering them one of the best overall packages in the industry.

Sales Roles: Right now we are looking for people who would thrive in a sales role to support our expansion.  It’s attitude, drive, integrity and commitment that are the important attributes here.  Obviously some familiarity with digital marketing and new media would be great, but whatever your existing level may be – either as a sales executive or a sales manager in a marketing-driven, preferably web sales environment - we want to hear from you.

SEO Engineers: We just can’t get enough of you!  We’re constantly seeking experienced SEO engineers.  Even if you don’t have tons of experience under your belt, if you have enthusiasm and a passion for SEO and a willingness to learn while you work, get in touch.

Go to Work With An Egg: Contact our HR manager, Annie Marshall on 01903 247788, or visit our recruitment page for more details on any of the vacancies we’ve got.  We don’t use agencies but we are always willing to look at interesting C.Vs.  Due to the volume of applications and general enquiries we get, if you’ve emailed and don’t hear from Annie within two weeks, assume you’ve been unsuccessful on this occasion, but that doesn’t mean we’ve entirely forgotten you.   Keep checking the recruitment page on the website from time to time.

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