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Fresh Egg’s “Hung Office” Poll Shocker!


Today’s the big day and hordes of pundits are still running around like headless chickens claiming that this General Election is the most uncertain and unpredictable in a generation. We here at Fresh Egg decided it was time we too polled our SEO and web design gurus to add to and divert from the latest MORI,  ICM etc  stuff about Brown, Cameron and Clegg.


Guardian/ICM General election Poll Results
Guardian/ICM 2010 General Election Poll Predictions.


Poll Position

But what to poll?    What issue could be important and significant enough to merit the diversion of time from the vital task of search engine optimisation?  The office, we decided, is where most of us spend our time – up to 1/3 of any given day.  Whether working for a company or from home, most people do seem to spend  most of their productive work-time (especially in Internet marketing) at a desk.  Now we think we tend not to value our office space or give it the recognition it deserves, given how much time we spend in it!  Normally people have no problem with buying gadgets for the home, but how many would even think of buying things for their working environment?

Laid Back Dutch

Maybe it depends on national characteristics (otherwise known as stereotypes) and varies from country to country.  After all, most office gadgets are designed in Asia and that's mainly where they are introduced into the market first.  Could that be connected to the fact that Asian people also have the reputation of being gadget fanatics and notorious workaholics?

According to the OECD (2004 data)  the biggest workaholics in the world are the South Koreans with 2,357 hours each spent working while in the UK people work 1,669 hours  on average. Greece is the European country where people work the most, with an average of 2,150 hours annually. The ones who work the less are the Dutch with just 1,391 hours. The South Koreans spend a whole month more at work compared to the British and a month and a half more compared with the Dutch.  Mind you, it’s also worth mentioning that in many Asian countries people work 7 days a week!

Coolest Office Stuff

Office gadget culture in Europe and the US is changing though, as more and more people realise the necessity of embracing working environments too.  So we decided our poll should address our very own Top Five “Coolest Office Gadgets”.  If you agree, let us know.  If you have a favourite we forgot to mention, Tweet or reply to the blog!  Here’s the “Finest Five” according to Egglets:

No 1.  Eco button: How green are we?  Eco Button is a USB device that will switch your computer over to eco-mode. By ensuring that your PC and monitor draw as little power as possible when you are away from your desk (e.g. in a meeting, out for lunch) you can reduce your carbon emissions. It will even let you know how many carbon units you have saved each time you use it.

No. 2 USB cup warmer: Does what it says on the tin!  Cheap, small, easy to carry device that plugs into the USB port of and extends the drinking time of your coffee or tea by that essential 30 minutes.

USB Cup Warmer - a hot favourite

No 3. Diamante Mouse: What can we say? This is a gadget that will add some sparkle to your desk. Of course the diamonds are fake but the “Bling” is convincing enough to make you default to “Bing”.

diamante mouse

No. 4 Bendi Waterproof Keyboard: See item 2.  Useful in the event of a USB cup warmer failure.  Made of silicone, it’s easy to carry as it rolls up and it will help you get rid of all those coffee spills, bread crumbs etc.

No. 5 Spy Pen Video Camera: As its name suggests, the Spy Pen has a tiny built-in discrete video camera so you can spy on your workmates or even record some meetings so you won’t have to take notes or risk missing something out.

spy pen video camera

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