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Integrated Telephone Call Tracking For Google Analytics

Allan Bisset

Fresh Egg has developed a new conversion tracking application - CallTrackID - that enables telephone call tracking to be fully integrated with Google Analytics.

In addition to email enquiries and e-commerce sales, telephone calls can now also be tracked, accurately identifying the referrer source for those telephone calls and relating them back to the online marketing activity. This new tool will prove of enormous value to marketers who, in the current economic climate, are under increasing pressure to effectively track and measure return on investment. CallTrackID additionally enables SEO agencies to finally prove that those sales calls are due to the Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) or organic SEO work carried out as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

The Fresh Egg team has spent several months working with a telecoms provider to develop CallTrackID. The application is the brainchild of Fresh Egg SEO and analytics expert Nikki Rae and Fresh Egg’s programming team. “We always found it frustrating when we couldn’t track the success of a telephone call as part of a traffic conversion report, when telephone enquiries are arguably the most valuable conversions of all.” Said Nikki.

CallTrackID  works by allowing the client to assign a unique telephone number for sales/ information enquiries depending on the visitor’s route to the site. This allows enquiries to be tracked from various traffic mediums, including visitors who have taken a direct route to the site, via organic search or those who have clicked on a PPC link. Each telephone call is routed through a call management system that matches the call number with the pre-defined entry route. CallTrackID then integrates the telephone call data in Google Analytics along with existing web analytics reporting data, allowing the provision of reports and recommendations that relate precisely to a client’s total online marketing activity.

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