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Google UK Gets it Wrong

Tony Goldstone

One of our client sites,, is currently ranked at #7 for the term 'Airport Parking' by Google Kenya ( For the same term they are currently at around #237 from Google UK.


Referring to a random selection of other regional Google search engines, along with, we see some peculiar results:

Query >>>UK Airport ParkingAirport Parking presented in 885 of 381,000#237 / 1,320,000 & #20 of 382,000#18 & #19 / 1,310,000 & #20 of 330,000#36 of  3,393,000India & #21 of 396,000#36 of  3,920,000Japan & #21 of 396,000#7 of 3,930,000Kenya & #21 of 2,880,000#32 of 3,930,000Lesotho & #21 of 396,000#34 of 3,930,000Luxembourg

The site was launched earlier this year as a re-branding of a previously prominent and very successful online service for travellers. The new site is beautifully designed by the site owners to be user-friendly, open and informative. As far as they are concerned all that has fundamentally changed is their domain.

Google say that their algorithm "relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value."

They've previously disclaimed responsibility for their search results pointing out that they are chosen automatically by a computer program. But these contrasting results suggest that something else is taking place. Google appears to be making some arbitrary editorial choices that are specifically penalising in the Google UK search results.

Google - you are getting it wrong!

We'd love to hear of any similar experiences...

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