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SearchWiki, the death of SEO?

Google has today launched a service that will ruin an industry - it was only a matter of time. After all a quality SEO will take money away from the Google's cash cow Adwords.

For example I have been able to turn off Adwords on a number of projects I have worked with purely given then scope of the results that I have gained. If you are worried about spending too much on Adwords, then seriously give us a call. Believe it or not, your online businesses can survive without Google Adwords.

Back to the SEO killer - SearchWiki, how does it work?

SearchWiki is an extension to personal search which we have been living with for a sustained period of time now. How many people see different results as result of being signed in to Google. Your personal login can skew results. The introduction of SearchWiki will mean as users we have greater control over how we shape our Google experience.

The extra functionality of SearchWiki means you can vote your favourite site to the top of the Google tree. But this is for 'your eyes only' and is not meant to have a general effect on overall positions within. That said you can pass comment on sites. It will be interesting to see how open to manipulation this is. What would stop a competitor opening 100 Google accounts and writing stinky things about your offering?

Site owners, you better pull your socks up!

Ultimately, I see SearchWiki as a good thing. It's one thing to rank well in a search engine, but we all know there are sites that appear in the results that maybe should not appear where they do. Now you have the chance to get rid of the sites you have no interest in.

If your site offers the right content and is engaging there is no reason why you should get users pushing your search result down the SERPS. If however you have a site which really has little in the way of a quality offering then you may well find yourself being left behind.

Is it the death of SEO?

No, not really. SearchWiki is simply another facet to consider. It will be interesting to see how the technology unfolds.

Want to learn more about SearchWiki? Visit the official Google blog on how you make search your own.

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