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The Future of SEO - Volume Two


managing director

The first thing I wanted to consider is what the next obvious step is for dramatically enhancing/developing Googles algorithm.

The data from Google Analytics seems to be an obvious start. Was Google just being nice when it decided to give away its analytics software to anyone who wanted to use it or was there another reason behind their generosity.

Imagine how powerful this data is! Google now knows what websites are good and what websites are bad.

If Googles job is to provide their customers with the best search results by directing their audience to the best websites available on the Internet - i think this GA data is too powerful to ignore. If this data can provide Google with the necessary information to enable it to give better search results why wouldn't it use it.

This is definitely a strong position to be in. There are thousands of GA users - even if Google just awarded the higher converting websites with favourable positions then this could only be good news. It would encourage web owners to focus on developing their sites to be more user friendly, contain better content, pro-actively add new features - perhaps video. Websites would have to focus on usability and conversion which will benefit the whole internet experience.

How many sites do you know of that just get left on the shelf once they are launched - lots. Google could encourage website owners to get pro-active about offering the best content and proactively introducing new features.

This emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach for web build and SEO as something that needs to work together.

SEO will encourage better design, usability, accessibility, with clear call to actions for better conversions, feature rich content to enhance longer page views, the introduction of fresh and up-to-date content.

People who invest time in effectively managing their websites will be rewarded accordingly.

Why not start today? The easiest way of getting to know your website better is by introducing a blog. Be proactive about feeding your audience with up to date  information related to your company/industry. Blogs must work - you are reading this! :)

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