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Just Hang On A Mo, Movember That Is!

Dan Cash

At Fresh Egg we’re always looking for new challenges and causes to champion locally, nationally and globally. We particularly like it if we get a chance to dress up and look daft. Proof? Just look at us on We're interested in health too, We're supporting Wear It Pink at the end of October, we have an Eggcentive programme which encourages members of staff to take full advantage of the gym and we're also building a team to make the most of Movember. If you haven’t heard of Movember, it's a month long event throughout November where a gentleman lets his top lip go unshaven in support of charities supporting men's health, particularly prostate cancer and other cancers which affect men. But the activities aren't limited to Mo Bro's; if you’re a lady who loves a Mo Bro why not become a Mo Sista? We could use your love and support in the arduous task of not shaving our top lips for an entire month!

At the end of Movember all the Mo Bro's and Mo Sistas get to hang around and inspect one another's labial hirsuteness, swapping war stories and generally congratulating ourselves for achieving what comes naturally at parties and galas held all over the world as part of the celebrations for a job well done. If you want to get involved then you just need to register on your regional Movember page, once you’ve filled in your details you'll get further instructions on what to do. Get sponsored, restrict your shaving activities, save a life. What could be simpler?

If you're scared of doing it alone (and it is a huge commitment, I know) don't worry. You can also start a team where your moustachioed chums can swap tips and advice as well as emotional support on the terrifying 'tash trek to December the first. If you don't know anyone else then you can even join our Movember team we're not proud, we'd love to have you aboard!

Movember was started in Melbourne and to this date there are more than a million Mo Bro's and Mo Sistas who are on every continent. The aim of the event is to educate, inform, and change the habits of men in regard to their attitude toward their bits and the risks that are involved if they remain ignorant when it comes to keeping cancer-free. Last year there were 112,000 Mo Bro's and Mo Sistas in the UK who, between them, raised £10.3 million. Lets see if we can't help beat that this year.

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