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I've got a rat in my Kitchen what am I gonna do!!


Well your first port of call is to visit the new Pest Free Home with its brand new all singing all dancing website offering a wide range of services from the good old fashioned fly swat, to a pest identification service! Yes that's right if you have an issue at home and have no idea what the pest is that's causing the issue you just kill one of the blighters, slip it in an envelope and get it sent to Pest Free Home . Their expert team will be sure to sniff it out and send you back full details of what it is and how to get rid Quick!!

There are also a wide range of Natural and Pesticide free options of the more animal friendly. You need to watch out for the tons of Richards Tips offered by Industry's experts Richard Strand and Rob Fryatt - this is what really makes this site stand out from any other in the Internet.

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