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The Jellyfish/Fresh Egg PPC/SEO Partnership

Tim Aldiss

As specialists in their respective fields, the Jellyfish (PPC) & Fresh Egg (SEO) strategic partnership allows the delivery of fully coherent and integrated search marketing strategies across both paid and natural search.

Jellyfish specialise in Paid Search Marketing and were the first large agency (not super affiliate) to offer a self-financing and risk free solution for running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Fresh Egg both design and develop websites with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind and execute award-winning SEO strategies. You will benefit from many years of experience in gaining first page positions on Google using all the latest tools and techniques.

Our collaborative approach offers unique benefits:

Maximise ROI on Competitive Keywords

In every market sector high converting keywords are becoming increasingly expensive to bid on. Our methods identify the high cost, high volume terms through PPC that are most valuable for exploitation through a longer term SEO strategy. This ensures you receive maximum ROI from these profitable keywords at the minimum cost.

Website Usability & Conversion Report

Undertaken at the start of your campaign we will provide you with a full report on your website. This is aimed at identifying areas to increase your sites conversion rate, increase value of your conversions, decrease number of visitors exiting your site prematurely and a full analytics review to check your goals are being tracked correctly.

Fast Landing Page Optimisation

We provide a fully inclusive service for design, build & testing of high converting landing pages. Pages are hosted externally to your main site in a flexible, easy to test environment. Traffic is delivered via PPC providing instant results. Those achieving the best conversion can be integrated into your site and optimised safe in the knowledge you are spending your SEO budget optimising pages proven to convert well.

Long Tail Search Exchange

Whilst likely to deliver lower traffic volumes than their ‘Generic’ counterparts, the more specific nature of long tail keywords often results in them converting strongly and at a lower cost. Our collaborative approach ensures long-tail terms are identified through PPC and integrated into you SEO campaigns and vice versa.

Buzz Monitoring

Keep track of who is talking about you. We can report on trademark appearances web wide, whether that’s web sites, blogs or in the news. We can even provide you with dates, times, keywords and improved ad copy. Active listening also provides you with the opportunity to choose to engage with your consumers.

Quality Score (QS) Strategy

Use adwords QS to focus your SEO strategy. High score keywords can indicate landing pages with the most relevant content. High QS pages are often quick wins for SEO creation and optimisation. Low scores may be caused by poor CTR’s, often the symptom of an ultra competitive landscape. We use these indicators to focus your SEO and achieve first page positions quickly.

Ad Copy Testing Exchange

PPC offers an environment to test ad copies in a flexible, fast and easy to monitor way. We feed high converting, high CTR variations to our SEO team for implementation into your Meta descriptions.

For more on how this unique relationship can benefit you, and detail on the actual implementation of these initiatives drop me a line, or call Dan Wootton for more detail.

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