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Welcome Aboard Our New(ish) SEO Engineer

Allan Bisset

You've probably seen a post or two from him already, as he's been with us for a good couple of weeks now, but nevertheless we'd like to welcome aboard the most recent addition to our team: SEO engineer Paul Chaloner.

Paul Chaloner

Paul's worked in media and broadcasting as a commentator and presenter, with a particular focus on the gaming industry. During his time working in media, Paul was lucky enough to work with the likes of Intel, Xfire, DirecTV, Sky, Multiplay, Ubisoft, EA and numerous others. Paul has also appeared in several international gaming magazines over the last 7 years, including EDGE, PCZONE, PC Gamer, Chief, Pro Gamer and many others.

Since then, Paul has worked as the director of content 11 websites covering competitive and casual gaming, as well as reviews for both hardware and games. During his time as a director of content, Paul put together numerous campaigns for blue chip companies including Dell, Codemasters, Ebuyer, Alienware and several others.

With an impressive background in the digital and online arenas, Paul made a natural transition into SEO and social media, before finding himself at Fresh Egg

According to Paul he's pleased to be a part of the team, and looks forward to growing with the company.

"I can't wait to see how deep the rabbit hole goes...."

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