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Dan Ellis Gets With the Program

Allan Bisset

We seem to be becoming a bit of a hotbed nursery for rising stars In the Internet marketing firmament!  Say hi to Dan Ellis (Scrooby to his chums) who has started with us on a full time basis.  Dan is no stranger to Fresh Egg.  He’s been working with us part-time for the past three years since he was at Worthing High School.   Dan’s been into programming since he was 13 years old and his talent in this area is prodigious.  He continued working with us off and on while studying for a National Diploma as an IT Software Practitioner at Chichester College.

Dan Ellis - a programming genius!

Dan completed the first year of that course with flying colours and embarked on the second year, but it became evident to him that he was actually learning more at Fresh Egg than the proposed course curriculum could give him.   His decision to join us full time was a very mature, but perhaps unsurprising,  conclusion since this young man really is a bit of a programming genius!   We are genuinely delighted that he chose to make his relationship with us full time.   Chichester’s loss is most definitely our gain!

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