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Ammon Johns

It is certainly a busy time here at the Fresh Egg offices (hmmm if Google have the Googleplex, are our offices 'the Egg Box'?) as we look forward to an infusion of even more new talent.

The first of our Interns, part of our SEO Scholarship initiative, is Rebecca from SEOmoz, and she's winging her way to dear old Blighty to spend some time sightseeing in London before coming to us for an intensive 2 weeks of SEO training. I'm very much looking forward to her arrival and her training time here.

Also, we are interviewing bright talents for our new SEO position, a position created by the influx of exciting new projects we've been taking on lately. I always enjoy meeting the young 'up and comers' of the SEO world. Well, so long as there is no hero-worship stuff going on. Respect is a good, if not essential, thing in an SEO recruit, but one never wants it to go too far.

Of course, with these incoming people, one cannot forget all of the incoming new projects. As with the wider search marketing industry, this is a time of growth and development for us and our clients. More and more companies are growing out of the infantile steps of SEO as just a means to grab vanity rankings, and are looking at SEM as a serious and integral part of the marketing mix.

Just one example of dozens of recent cases is National Guarantee PLC, who have fully embraced the concepts (and commitments) of truly engaging with their customers with their new Mortgage Advisor's Journal. This is not at all the familiar story we see of a company trying to jump on the blogging bandwagon as if just the platform of a blog were some magic bullet. Instead, the company has fully embraced the core value concept, and is passing on personal front-line views and cases.

It shows exactly what their business is about, which is so important in an industry such as adverse credit loans and mortgages. The public perception is unfairly one that all adverse credit companies are hard-nosed opportunists, exploiting the vulnerable. The truth is so different, and hearing exactly what their mortgage advisors do on a day-to-day basis, the financial problems they deal with, and how they solve them in the clients' interests is just the breath of fresh air that is needed.

So much incoming, yet no need to duck and cover.

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