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iPhone IOS4 Update

Ed Vinicombe

The day I heard about IOS4 for the iPhone I was really psyched up!   However since its well publicised and anticipated launch,  I have become  more wary about actually downloading it and installing it on my own phone.

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Before I go on any further it may be useful to point out that I have the iPhone 3G, which is still relatively new,  so I am really looking at what they have done for people with the same phone - already the multitasking feature is out of my reach.


So, how do you load it on your phone? Well first of all you must download iTunes 9.2 (a requirement) and then press update on the iPhone panel and wait. I have heard cases of it taking roughly 20 minutes to about 3 hours.  So depending on how regularly you update your phone,  you could be waiting a while!

Graphics Design

My first impression was that they hadn’t changed any of the graphics which as a web designer I was slightly disgruntled about - but hey, it is no big deal. Really Apple has managed to change a bunch of stuff behind the scenes without changing anything in the core design.

Improved Apps

Mail, Photos and Camera have all been given a "gleam clean"  for the new IOS4 and each of these apps are very much improved. For example, Mail now supports Exchange and has the ability to have multiple inboxes in the same queue - although my one personal gripe is that there is still no ‘mark all read’ button.

Speedier Photos

As for the photo side of the IOS4 update you now have the ability to resize an image before you send it which is quite handy and your camera photos are now stored in albums, events and places which are pretty cool. As for the video feature,  you are now able to zoom in on a picture and tap to focus.  After a much needed speed boost, taking a picture with the iPhone camera is now practically instantaneous. A nice finishing touch is the ability to put your apps into designated folders which makes navigating through your phone an absolute doddle!

New OS

The new operating system is another well  publicised and eagerly anticipated update to the phone and it's another exciting chapter in the history of Apple. In all truthfulness many of these updates are really just catching up with Google Android OS which is really breaking the boundaries on usability.  On the whole it is probably a worth-while upgrade but don’t expect too much from it if you are on an iPhone 3G.

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Throughout my time using the new IOS the new operating system is buggy, slow and makes all my apps crash. The general speed and smooth functionality of the phone is slow, tedious and frustrating. What’s more is that this is not just my phone which is doing this - many of my friends and work colleges are experiencing the same thing.

So to sum up - either Apple should release a patch to fix these bugs or simply don’t download the new software if you have an iPhone 3G

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