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Making his Mark

Allan Bisset

Say Hi to Mark Cronin who’s joined us as an SEO engineer.

Immediately before joining the Fresh Egg team, Mark was working in web design and development with Blue Planet in Uckfield and before that he was a plasterer earning loadsamoney.

Mark CroninMark's actual car - keep it under your hat yeah?

He studied psychology at the University of Bedfordshire (Luton) and got into the Internet and all things Web in his spare time.  Seeing the recruitment ad on our site was the spur he needed to learn more about SEO, which he’d noticed was becoming an increasingly important element in any web development project.  So why not join the experts he thought!

Mark is an active member of the Round Table and is involved in a great deal of charity work but his real passion is cars and all things automotive.  He is currently tearing up Sussex in a purple  MGF VVC so give him a wave if you’re passing! It's not like you won't spot him!

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