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Potential clients often ask me how successful a campaign be in gaining high Natural Search Results, and how quickly can they expect to see success?

The overall success factor is not in question, it is very rare that my team do not achieve their goals. As a unit the Fresh Egg SEO Team bring home the bacon time after time. As a result, our client retention rate is very high. For those of you who are not aware of some of our results, you will find a Fresh Egg client site in the top 10 of Google for the following natural search results:

Swimming Pools, Pools, Wine Racks, Glassware, Beauty Products, Beauty Treatments, Hot Tubs, Spa Pools, Spa, Flooring, Wood Floors, Wood Flooring, Roses, Buy Red Roses, Sussex Estate Agents, Sussex Property, Worthing Property, West Sussex Estate Agent, Car Lease, Car Leasing, Silver Jewellery, Luxury Holidays, Health Spa, Football Programmes, Kitchenware, Kitchen Accessories, Home Accessories, White Furniture, Toy Shop, Wooden Toys, Traditional Toys, Psychic Art, Psychic Artist, Hot Tubs, Hot Tub, Climbing Frames.

The above is a small selection of terms that power client businesses and which continue to drive traffic and increase online revenue streams.

Timing is not an issue. Once the Search Engine Optimisation team at Fresh Egg have applied an adequate skin of SEO to a site, we would expect to see positional improvements to your search engine rankings within a matter of days. Yes it really can be that quick!

I am often asked whether I will guarantee a top 10 listing in Google - My answer to that is no, why? Simple, I, nor any other SEO are owners of Google; nor am I one of Google's top engineers only they could white-list a site and artificially keep a result in a top 10 position.

BJ, our current intern also posed that question to me, my response to BJ was as I have written above. It would be all too easy to make guarantees. There are millions of search results that are not competitive that are easily attained which would look impressive.

Delivering a site to the top of the Google tree is about a number of things. But do not forget, Google is all about results, Google's task is to supply it's users with an inventory of what it feels to be the best sites, based upon it's complexed algorithm.

It is Fresh Egg's task to make your site a better site, so your online business can become one of those best sites in the eyes of Google, after all what is the point on gaining high Natural Search Results if there is no call to action? And ultimately no financial benefit to your business.

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