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Online shopping - 2 hour delivery slots for furniture delivery

Yesterday I talked about how problematic shopping cart transactions could affect conversion and customer loyalty. Today another factor with online sales crept into my train of thought - delivery!

Furniture Suppliers - New England LifestyleDelivery for many is still a bug bear of ordering online; if you have ordered a large item, it will probably require a signature, if you are at work who is going to sign for it? What time is the package going to turn-up? You know the sort of thing.

How frustrating is it when you order an item and you ask for a delivery slot and you are told the delivery time will be between 8am and 6pm? What sort of delivery slot is that?

Who do you turn to when seeking a house-sitter pending a delivery? Well perhaps you would not need one if the delivery process was more streamlined. If I knew I had a fixed time-slot, it would be a lot easier to take time out of work or have someone in place to accept delivery.

Large electrical items, furniture, high value products, they all usually need someone to be an waiting to accept delivery.

Again, I ask the question, why is it that a smaller business is able to offer a 2 hour delivery slot when large business cannot or indeed will not? Why is that small businesses are happier to offer this level of service when larger businesses seen to not have the inclination or the desire to do so? This to me is the same as the online transacation process, it is a numbers game.

The larger businesses know there to be large amounts of buyers coming through and it is a like it or lump it scenario. 

Local furniture supplier New England Lifestyle offer a fast turnaround on the exclusive range of handmade furniture. If I were to order bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers from New England, I would be given a two-hour time slot of when the furniture was going to be delivered.

Larger businessees are picking up on this, I know Toys R Us offer buyers the opportunity to select a day of delivery (at a premium price) but again there is no fixed time slot, yet they are asking for additional money for this service!

Do furniture suppliers like New England Lifestyle charge their customers a premium for their two hour delivery slot service? No, it is part of the service. They do not see it as additional opportunity to take more money from buyers.

I don't mind paying a premium for delivery, but only if there is a premium service attached to the additional cost.

As more of us order via the web, more has to be done to accommodate the delivery requirements of the buyer. At the moment for the majority of businesses I would say the delivery aspect is seen as a monotonous chore, when in reality it is a vital closure element.

If I am happy with the service I have received from start to finish I am more likely to return to the company in the future if there are further products I require.

Come on online businesses, you are happy to take the online dollar, give us Internet shoppers greater flexibility when it comes to delivery!

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