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Pancake Day at Fresh Egg

Laura McDonald

We didn’t need much persuasion to mark Shrove Tuesday today, with our very own Pancake Day Flipping Competition over lunch at Fresh Egg HQ.

Inspired by fellow greats in the pancake world, we set about creating our own fun competition to seek out the ‘Best Flipping Face’ at Fresh Egg.

The Best Flipping Face Competition

The contenders for Fresh Egg's Best Flipping Face are:

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Place your vote here:

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The winner of the Best Flipping Face at Fresh Egg competition with 37% of the votes was account manager, David Beatty. Who could argue with that result! Well done David!

To further inspire your pancake creations this evening, here’s some pancake trivia from the record books:

Pancake world records

Did you know that the tallest stack of pancakes measured 77cm (2ft 6in), a masterful creation by Paul Dedroog and Alfons Lowie, in Belgium on 23 January 2011? The guys managed to stack an impressive 232 pancakes – reaching dizzy new heights in the world of pancake batter.

If they needed someone to make these pancakes for them they wouldn’t go far wrong employing Steve Hamilton, who currently holds the world record for making the most pancakes in one hour by an individual. Steve cooked up 956 pancakes in Kansas, US, on 6 May 2009 – a busy, but productive, day for Steve.

We also found some home-grown talent when it comes to pancake-inspired activity; the guys and girls over at the University of Sheffield managed to gather 890 people on 15 February 2012 to secure the world record for the most people tossing pancakes for 30 seconds.

You can view all the photos from our Pancake Day Flipping Competition on our Facebook page or via Google+.

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