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Pie in a Box

Allan Bisset

There’s no point in hiding the pain!  We didn’t win in the DiMAS awards held on November 27th but at least we were shortlisted.  On a more positive note, we did get Pie in a Box.  And we got it and finished it before anyone else, so that’s some consolation then. It was an interesting evening and the venue of All Saints Church was unusual, but very impressive.

Pie in a Box

But back to the Pie in a Box.  Actually, it wasn’t just pie.  It was mashed potato, onions and peas too!  All served with loving crafted wooden cutlery that appeared to have been forged from balsa wood.  The entire ensemble was then set awash in gravy that made you hope the box was waxed (they were, so relief there!). Actually, the anticipation was almost unbearable.  There you were, clutching your scrap of coloured paper. That would dictate whether a steak (or as the waiting staff rather worryingly  put it a “meat”) pie or a chicken pie that would be your reward.   Then you eventually see a tray with what looks like Chinese takeaways piled on top of it.

In a Box!

Hang on, you think, that’s not a steak pie surely?  I didn’t order chow mein did I? But there was no need to panic. When eventually it arrived on the table, you peeled back the intricate origami of the lid to reveal that it was a pie after all.   Hurrah!  In a box!  Genius!

After that taste of the Brighton high life I’m afraid it’s back to the mundane slog of SEO here at Fresh Egg, but that’s probably a good thing. Too much excitement is bad for your mental balance.

Dan and Allan await their Pies
Dan and Allan await their Pies

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