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Pimp My WordPress!

Allan Bisset

WordPress is the world’s favourite CMS for blogging.  To date, over 6 million downloads of version 2.8 have been made from the WordPress site and it’s easy to understand why.  It's open source, free and pretty easy to use – if you can master MS Word, you can handle WordPress.  Here at Fresh Egg we’re big fans of Business Blogging.  A Blog can build links, add content on a constant basis, create power and give you authority, but most importantly, a Blog allows you a platform on which to engage with consumers at their level.  Our preferred tool is WordPress, which is easy to administer and use once set up on your site.

We’re also fortunate in having aboard Jerome Degl'innocenti.  Jerome is a web designer who has been working here for the past three years.  Before that, almost incredibly, he was a maître d’ in an up-market US dining establishment, getting into all things web in his spare time.  Jerome has a passion for web design and all things computer related and has been using WordPress virtually since the day it launched.

What Jerome doesn’t know about the intricacies, capabilities and limitations of WordPress isn’t worth knowing, and since he began using the tool he’s kept a repository of all his experiences, tips and hints for users on his own Pimp My WordPress site.   Over the years, Jerome has added other information and education resources about WordPress to the site  so that it is now a vast library of useful background, tutorials, hints and tips, fixes and patches – in fact everything you ever wanted to make WordPress an even more effective and reliable tool.

Just some of the fantastic hints and info you'll find on Jerome's siteJerome - our resident WordPress guru

Now we believe that a Business Blog can become the means of creating a network hub that you own and can therefore influence both the medium and the message.  Regular blogging massively increases the presence that your business site is likely to have in each Search Engine index.  Each Blog posting, given cogent content and contextual links on the page and through navigation, will help to push the entire site higher in the Search Engine rankings.

So if you want to find out how to expand, use, improve or trouble shoot your WordPress blog, just go to one of the best information resources online that you’ll find.  In one place, Jerome has pulled together an array of text and video content using external resources and his own considerable experience to present what we think is an excellent library for any WordPress blogger.

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