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Allan Bisset

It won’t have escaped your attention that the Internet has just become the leading medium for advertising, beating TV and now accounting for 23.5% of all advertising spend.  That will be further bad news to the traditional newspaper industry and printers, many of whom consider the Internet to be nothing less than the spawn of the devil, destroying local papers and impinging on print.  Claire Stokoe, our Social Media expert, became involved with the community with her remarks in the article “Tweeting isn’t Just for the Birds” that generated over 150 comments.

Claire Stokoe  Social MediaDuncan Heath SEO

We here at Fresh Egg believe that the Internet and print are not the mortal enemies they are often considered to be.    That’s true for printers and publishers and equally the case for those companies that supply the print trade.   For many printers and print trade suppliers, marketing their organisations online can be a daunting task with many unknowns and a baffling array of acronyms: CPM, Social Media, PPC, CPC, SEO, ROI.  As a result of Claire’s comments, Fresh Egg was invited to participate in a seminar organised by being held at their offices in the morning of October 13th to answer some of these questions.

The audience will consist of major names in the industry like Kodak.  The Print Week Editorial team will chair the event and speakers such as Kieran Matthews, Head of Marketing at the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) will be joined by Claire who will highlight the potential and the pitfalls of Social Media and our very own Duncan Heath who’ll discuss the importance and the power of SEO.

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