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Punching the numbers: How Fresh Egg helped Dial-a-Phone connect in Google


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People often ask us about how we get the results we do and what steps we take with a client to give them the best possible service. This prompted us to do an analysis of the steps we took with Dial-a-Phone, who are one of our newer clients, and report on it. In addition to this we decided to show the results that we have achieved for the client to give an idea of the effectiveness of these strategies.


Dial-a-Phone gave us an open brief with the objective of obtaining top 10 positions in Google and the other two major search engines for a list of terms. We were mainly focussing on Google due to the large portion of the market that it controls.

The phrases that Dial-a-Phone requested that we target included terms that range from ‘mobile phones’ and ‘latest mobile phones’ to ‘o2’.


Fresh Egg has provided the following services to Dial-a-Phone on an ongoing basis:

1. Consultancy on a monthly arrangement

2. Both Email and Phone Support for any of their SEO related questions

3. Creation of a blog as an addition to the Dial-a-Phone website - (The blog was conceptualised by Fresh Egg and developed by Dial-a-Phone)

4. Optimised content creation and submissions for optimum reception

5. Generating a ethical Link Strategy for long term sustainability and sustained results

6. Advice relating to the general optimisation of the Dial-a-Phone website including items which range from meta content to 301 redirects


The consultancy work that we did for Dial-a-Phone is a fairly standard example of what we offer our clients, although the exact details will vary. The differences will depend on the client's current position, their targeted position and the amount of competition in that area.

Part 1 - Research: This part enables Fresh Egg to get a better understanding of the scope of the project and conclude which potential ideas will be open for discussion at the Onsite Consultancy Meeting. The research part typically includes at absolute minimum one telephone conversation or email prior to the meeting, in addition to an online investigation of the current ‘search engine friendliness’ status of the website. This research results in a comprehensive agenda that will be submitted to the company at least 3 days before the Onsite Consultancy Meeting.

Part 2 - Onsite Consultancy Meeting: The purpose of this meeting, which is typically 3 hours long and can often go on for longer than that, is to discuss the potential opportunities for online promotion for the client's company. This meeting is always performed onsite by a senior account manager, in the case of Dial-a-Phone; Ammon Johns performed the onsite consultancy meeting. Fresh Egg initially uses this meeting to investigate the exact potential for development of the search engine marketing project. The meeting is also used to suggest specific aspects to focus the subsequent efforts on, as well as the order of focus which will meet the specific objectives and resources of the campaign best. Ideas are discussed with the point of contact on the client's side to determine what resources can be utilised with existing web related tasks. In addition, suggestions are made about what Fresh Egg can implement to enhance or develop a successful online promotional strategy.

Part 3 - Meeting Report: The final part of this segment is used to produce a report that presents our extensive findings and this document includes suggestions for the development of a successful online promotional strategy. These suggestions may include tasks that can be performed by the client, such as the development of a blog in Dial-a-Phone's case, as well as proposals for tasks that Fresh Egg can implement to enhance the websites online presence. This report is then made actionable, focused on the greatest possible return on investment that Fresh Egg can enable, and will act as a working document that will be added to in all future consultancy meetings with tasks that are performed as suggested by Fresh Egg and approved by the client.


Since Fresh Egg have been working with Dial-a-Phone we have seen a major increase in positions for much desired key phrases such as ‘mobile phones’ rise from position 13 in November 2006 to position 3 in Google UK in February 2007. In a comparison of the number of visits to the Dial-a-Phone site in the second week in December 2006 to the number of visits in the last week (week commencing the 5th March) the figures show there has been 26% uplift in visits.

Benchmark Figures (10th November 2006 to present date)

Link Popularity:

November 2006

Google: 107

MSN: 5159

Yahoo: 4348

March 2007

Google: 210

MSN: 8,423

Yahoo: 5,570

Page Saturation:

November 2006

Google: 399

MSN: 4,159

Yahoo!: 5,520

March 2007

Google: 1,190

MSN: 6,182

Yahoos: 16,530

Position changes:

The changes that have occurred throughout the range of key phrases that Fresh Egg have targeted for Dial-a-Phone are fantastic. To illustrate this, we have provided the Google Position Changes from November 2007 to Current Date since Google is notoriously hard to advance in without hard labour and a skilful strategy.

Mobile phones – #13 (November 06) TO #3 (March 07)

Latest mobile phones – #5 (November 06) TO #1 (March 07)

Contract mobile phones – #1 (November 06) TO #1 (March 07)

Cheap mobile phones – #11 (November 06) TO #2 (March 07)

Mobile phone shops – #15 (November 06) TO #1 (March 07)

Mobile phone uk – #11 (November 06) TO #3 (March 07)

Mobile phone store – #11 (November 06) TO #2 (March 07)

New mobile phone – #10 (November 06) TO #4 (March 07)

Phones – #9 (November 06) TO #4 (March 07)

To get the other side of the exercise we asked the head of Online Marketing at Dial-a-Phone what his thoughts were on the progress and the success of the campaign that Fresh Egg has conducted so far.


“There are a lot of myths in the SEO sector and so its great to work with a SEO expert like Ammon who can quickly and concisely give you answer to (nearly all) the SEO questions you have. Over the last 12 months I've regularly read (almost on a daily basis) the popular SEO blogs (,, Stuntdubl, etc, etc) and a lot of SEO forums (,, etc, etc) so I think my SEO knowledge is pretty good, but Ammon is simply at another level altogether.

Before using Fresh Egg I used the services of probably the most well known SEO agency in the UK. They had a lot of knowledge and helped Dial-a-Phone to cover the basics, but when I wanted to take Dial-a-Phone performance to the next level, they simply didn't have the ideas to attract links that we so desperately needed. Their standard advice seemed to be to continue with a couple of press releases and 4 articles per month. In the initial meeting we had with Ammon he came up with more ideas in four hours than the other agency came up with in the previous 6 months.

One of Ammon first ideas was to create and regularly post to a Dial-a-Phone blog. I was a little doubtful to start with, but the blog has been a major success in terms of traffic and attracting natural quality links and, importantly, relevant links. A lot of corporate blogs fail as demonstrated here, but Ammon really helped me and my team understand how to position the blog so it's an interesting and informative resource for everyone.

In terms of results we have seen very substantial improvements across all of our target keywords. Regarding the blog, it only launched in Dec 2006, but since launch it has averaged at 50,000 visits per month which has also resulted in a growth of the sites backlinks.”


The consultancy is a highly effective idea, but without the proper consultants and staff, it would be highly ineffective. This has led Fresh Egg to hire staff of the highest calibre so that all links in the chain are equally effective. The SEO department within Fresh Egg is headed up by Lee Colbran who is the SEO Director and instigator of many aspects that prove to be the most effective for the clients. Lee has been working in the industry for 8 years and has hands on experience to a level that is hard to comprehend apart from the founding fathers of the industry. Lee is one of the founders of Fresh Egg and has pioneered projects that have been cornerstone for revenue to the majority of Fresh Egg clients. Within the team is Ammon Johns, who is the Senior SEO Strategist. He has provided the majority of consultancy for Dial-a-Phone so far.

Ammon is a respected Internet marketer and has worked on a diverse range of projects. There are over 150,000 web pages within Google that feature him that span thousands of different websites. Ammon has assisted companies such as Which, Expedia, What Car, DooYoo, Price Runner, as well a list of hugely popular companies longer than most people's arms with their SEO strategy and implementation. He is one of the longest standing and most respected members of the world wide SEO community. With 11 years experience to date he is a true veteran in Internet Marketing as well as a valuable resource to all those who have newly entered the SEO arena and an expert in that area.

Many people make claims about their abilities and the regard which fellow SEO practitioners, rather than do that, he lets his peers speak of his achievements instead.This is what some of Ammon’s SEO peers have to say about him:

“Ammon is one of the few people in the online marketing industry to whom you should be listening if you want to do it right. This is the reason I keep asking him back to contribute to my site - he speaks the truth and is a goldmine of information. Ammon is very highly respected amongst his peers - and rightly so”

Peter Da Vanzo Director, GoFish Search Marketing Services ( and Author of the Search Engine Blog (

"one of the most legendary personalities in the field of search engine optimization and online marketing ... Ammon Johns is, without question, one of the best SEOs in the world."

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Rand Fishkin

“If I have a question about the UK search engines, PPC ads or the best way to convert visitors into buyers, one of the first people I think of to help me out is Ammon. I always know he will have a knowledgeable, no-fluff answer for me every time. There's also a certain something about Ammon that exudes integrity, which is a rare find these days. It's obvious that he doesn't just "talk a good game." Ammon speaks from years of experience in the search world and I'm proud to count him among my trusted colleagues and friends."

Jill Whalen SEO Specialist, High Rankings Advisor (

"Ammon Johns has been a prominent figure in the world of search engine optimization and marketing for many years. While quite unassuming in posture, his knowledgeable, no-nonsense approach is rooted in a very brilliant and flexible mind indeed, making his public and private reflections a veritable gold mine of inspiration to the beginner and the old hand alike. (If I remember correctly, it was actually Ammon who first publicly coined the expression "search engine marketing" - which really says it all ...)

Ralph Tegtmeier CEO, PGmbh (

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