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Putting Your Views In The News

Dan Cash

You’ve mastered the press release, you’ve seen them get published either in whole with some edits or in part with some credits, you’ve made some quality contacts but now you need something that more visitors attracts.





Who's Got News? We Got News, News For Yous'
Who's Got News? We Got News, News For Yous'




Your press releases are going around, your websites are getting more regularly found, you’ve planted your seed in fertile ground, another level of SEO you’re eager to sound.


Editorial Features should be you next goal to achieve. Getting these published is hard, believe, but you’ve got the contacts in the world of the press, you have the editors’ and head of department’s address. It’s a bit like a guest blog, I’ll admit that is true. But the difference with this is that it’s published in news papers and magazines, with this coverage, horizons are blue.

An editorial feature, the publication’s view was the realm of the editor but now can be you. Write a news article, submit it for print, refer to your website, give readers a hint. Don’t make it too obvious, crass or bold, otherwise your story will never be told. Write something newsworthy, topical or trending, many new visitors you’ll soon be befriending.

By writing an editorial you achieve credibility and reach so write with authority, authenticity and your story won’t beach itself on a backwater’s desolate coast, write your best story to contact the most readers who’ll visit your website their interest piqued because of the news you’ve cunningly tweaked to fit your agenda, your website’s remit, and because it’s news it’s fully legit.

There are problems of course with this kind of story, it might get shelved until it looks hoary. You’re relying on contacts you’ve already made, that’s fine but what if you want to reach further than trade magazines and journals? You want to get published in the mainstream press broadening contacts you’ll have to redress. Use your contact book but do it discreetly, approach some contacts and ask neatly if they know anybody who’d be interested in your item. If you can namedrop, to publish, you won’t have to fight ‘em.

Remember to write something relevant to you, an incongruous reference looks a bit too laboured and hackish, stay on story and edit it through. You can expect the paper to cut bit, but you shouldn’t loose your voice, or point, in the edit.

This level of SEO depends on your groundwork, as a press release writer with journalistic instinct, skills you can’t shirk, to see your writing in ink.

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