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Joe Johnson

It is with pleasure that we at Egg Towers introduce to you our new Senior SEO Engineer, Rob Taylor. Rob is in fact no stranger to Fresh Egg, having been one of the developers that got the company off the ground in the early days. Distributing his time and skills across web design, hosting, technical support and sales back in the day, Rob certainly isn’t a one trick pony.

After parting with Fresh Egg Rob had stints in development and SEO first at The Sports Nutrition Company and more recently with an overseas property firm before being ‘made’ return to Fresh Egg by MD, Adam!

In all seriousness, Rob jumped at the chance to return to the place where it all started over ten years ago and, by his own admission, ‘the most enjoyable place I’ve ever worked’. Upon his return Rob was pleased to see that the company had grown considerably but retained the friendly atmosphere he remembered so fondly.

Mr. Taylor is not just multi-talented in the digital realm, he is also an avid fencer (the kind that uses real swords), keen guitar player, and astoundingly, built most of his own house, including the floors, interior walls and stairs, on his own!

Rob enjoys Role Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons – what he calls standard ‘geek’ fodder – and as well as nurturing his link profiles and monitoring his positions in Google, he has twenty one month old daughter to look after, which may explain why he’s a little tired today!

Everyone is thrilled to have Rob back on board as part of a younger, bigger team that is poised to take Fresh Egg in new directions and to new levels of success in the future.

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