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“You’re Screwed!”, Justin Cutroni

Nikki Rae

Bet that got your attention one and all!! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending one of Google's Seminars for Success hosted at Google Offices in London.  I also had the honour of meeting fellow GAAC, and analytics God - Justin Cutroni of fame.

His favourite answer to questions is 'you're screwed!' followed by a laugh and a 'no, not really, well yes, but not really...' which totally appeals to my sardonic sense of humour!

But seriously, it was an amazing event full of information, hacks and tips that every Google Analytics Expert needs to know. He made a wonderful presentation on how to use Google's custom variable 'slots', which are seriously not an easy concept to get your head around in the first place let alone explain it to an audience, but I left the room confident that I could now explain them fully to my dear team of developers.

The agenda for the day was as follows:

•Google’s Analytics tool kit:

• Intro to Website Optimizer and Testing

• Understanding How Google Analytics Works

• Versions of the ga.js



• Key Configuration Steps

•Accounts & Tagging


• Filters

•Advance Tracking Using Events

•How it Works

•Offline Campaigns

• CRM Integrations

• Campaign Attribution Hacks

•Site Search

• Insights

• Tracking 0 Result Searches

• Evaluating Ecommerce Websites

• Lead Generation Websites

•Using Commerce to monetize Leads

•Measuring Branding Websites

Followed by a general open floor chat. Justin is hugely amenable and I suggest that anyone who is serious about using Google Analytics definitely sign up to any event he is giving. If you can't, you must  follow this guy on twitter @justincutroni, or read the blog at

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