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Search Engine Optimisation - working with a third party

Working with a third party for Search Engine Optimisation should not be a problem; That said the SEO team at Fresh Egg would always prefer to get their hands mucky and perform the optimisation work themselves, and there are reasons for this.



  • The initial SEO skin is critical; if all of the areas of weakness we identify in the appraisal period are implemented we expect to see positive movement with organic results within as little as one week



  • Our teams work to current standards and not yesterdays



  • We know exactly what to do and where to do it



The advantage we have at Fresh Egg is we are not just an SEO team, we have highly skilled developers and web designers on board as well. Our SEO Team are not just a team of number crunchers and data in putters. The SEO team at Fresh Egg have skill sets in all major platforms and we produce some highly respected work.

When we are tasked to perform SEO, that is exactly what we are going to do, web development and web design are separate beasts. Yes it is true elements of both of these do interlace with SEO, but it is not the remit of the SEO team to start making wholesale changes to a site structure, nor is it a practice in general of Fresh Egg.

We have two projects that commenced at similar times, the projects have taken different paths, one of the SEO skins was applied by the Fresh Egg SEO Team, the other skin has been applied by a third party web development company.

The difference in results is hugely noticeable, as was the SEO skin implementation.

SEO Skin 1 - Dorking Desk Shop - Antique Desk Specialist, the Surrey based antique dealer.

The SEO skin was applied by Fresh Egg, in little over six weeks we have seen huge growth in visibility in Google. The Dorking Desk Shop is now appearing in the top 30 of Google for their principal KeyPhrase of 'Antique Desks', which before Fresh Egg became involved was outside the top 100.

SEO Skin 2 - Anara Toys - Traditional Children's Toys, Wooden Toys & Baby Gifts

On this occasion we compiled a document consisting of the changes which were/are required to fortify the site which would allow it to compete within its vertical. At this time we are still awaiting for the changes from the initial document to be made. The effect of the initial SEO has now become fragmented, and the initial impetus we would have expected to have seen has not happened.

Fortunately, we have seen some progress with this site through off-page activity. A major KeyPhrase for the site is 'Traditional Toys' for which the site has moved onto the third page of Google. I am in no doubt the project would have been much further had the full SEO skin we advised on had been implemented 100% initially?

To not implement anything but the full recommendations is only going to hold back a project, I would liken it to a World Cup downhill skier putting on just one ski, what would be the point?

It is rare we have any problems working with a third-party. There are some very talented web designers who embrace our advice and as a team effort we work towards taking a client site to new levels of visibility.

Here are just three successful projects which have been achieved when Fresh Egg have worked with a third party:

Williams Antique Mirrors - We have secured a #2 position in Google for the Antique Mirror Specialist; Their web designer was reluctant at first to work with us, but has now seen the benefit we have brought to business

Climbing Frames UK - We secured the #1 position for the term 'Climbing Frames' in just under 9 months for our client. Once again this was a project where we worked closely with the site's original developer

Boiler Juice - Within a week of the SEO skin being applied, the Boiler Juice site was in the top 5 of Google for 'Heating Oil' which is one its principal KeyPhrases

If the Search Engine Optimisation team at Fresh Egg do their jobs properly, the incumbent web developer will be required for further work as higher results typically results in greater levels of business which results in further web development happening for the original third-party developer.

Effectively, if a third party web developer partners with Fresh Egg, not only will your clients business increase but yours should as well!

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