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Say G’Day to Ben

Allan Bisset

Striding in from the pavilion to take his place at the crease is Ben Duncan.   Ben describes himself as an easy going Aussie who likes a beer and good time, but loves nothing more than watching the boys in the baggy green beat the blue caps!

We prefer to describe him as our new Account Manager whose role will be to ensure the smooth delivery of our SEO services to clients and act as manager, liaison and client champion within the company.  With a degree in graphic design, Ben has more than five years background in that discipline as well as marketing and promotion.

Ben moved to the UK from Australia to play cricket and enjoyed the weather so much he decided to get a job and stay!  Oz still tugs the heart strings though.  He prefers Aussie Rules football over soccer any day of the week and supports the North Melbourne Football club. Crocodile Dundee and Mad Max also feature among his favourite films.

He is addicted to tasting things and enjoys spending time cooking with his girlfriend Alice and while he admits that he’ll eat just about anything, he has a particular penchant for Thai and Sushi.

What appealed to him about working at Fresh Egg?

The culture around here is exciting and there is a sense of urgency to succeed.   I like that!”

That’s not surprising really as it’s evident Ben is a fairly typical Aussie:   really passionate and committed about what he does with a desire to work among equally passionate people.

He’s come to the right place then!


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