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Here Come the Girls

Allan Bisset

Search Engine Optimisation is by no means an all-male preserve.  So welcome into the fold our latest SEO engineer recruit, Kim Hutson.

Kim Hutson

Kim graduated from Uni in Cheltenham in 2007 with a degree in media and journalism, which she claims didn’t actually qualify her for anything specific, so she went to work for a traditional advertising agency in Bristol.  She spent some time working with the agency’s online person and noticed it seemed much more interesting!

She got a job with a small web design agency in Herefordshire doing ‘web stuff’ where the promised ‘training’ consisted of Googling the term SEO!  Her job role was defined as “here’s a list of client websites - get them to the top of Google”.  Kim learnt the basics of SEO quickly over two or so years, doing everything from SEO to PPC, some social media and conversion optimisation.  She maintains that another weekly task was trying to convince the directors that forum spamming was not a sustainable long term SEO activity!

Despite the fact that it was a great atmosphere and wonderful people, Kim decided that being self-taught had reached its limit and it was time to move on if she wanted to expand her knowledge and competence in SEO.  A fresh start down by the sea appealed and when that’s combined with the opportunity to work with  a recognised leader in the SEO business, the choice was easy.

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