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Allan Bisset

Welcome aboard to Liam Young who joins the team today as a Web Developer working alongside Andrew, Dave and Gavin.  Liam got into coding when he bought his first battered second hand Commodore 64. He very quickly caught the coding 'bug' ditching basic sprites for the Amiga's Blitz Basic super highway, then progressed into the cranium pounding world of ADA, C++ and the like. At university he got to grips with dynamic web technologies and relational databases.

He enjoys working on personal online projects.  For the last two years he set himself the challenge of creating an online game (or Massively Multiplayer Online game - MMO - as they are often dubbed these days).  It’s being immersed in web technologies that Liam maintains has preserved his youthful outlook, although presumably his obsession with fast and pocket-emptying sports cars (his RX-8 drinks fuel like Brian the Dog consumes Martinis) and windsurfing whenever he can helps too!

His other life challenges include trying to ensure his fiancé gets her dream honeymoon and that their lethargic cat Misty walks for at least two minutes a day (not counting trips between food bowl and bed).  He ran his own business (Web Applications Development) for a while and most recently was an IT Manager for a firm of solicitors.

He’s looking forward to focusing his efforts on what he enjoys most- web applications development – swapping the chandeliers, quill ink pens and green lamps of the legal world for the yellow walls and pool table of Fresh Egg!

Liam Young

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