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Do Amazon affiliate shops still have a purpose?

The topic of Amazon affiliate shops has been a topic of debate within the Fresh Egg office this week.The question posed was do these Amazon affiliate sites serve a purpose? Is there are any point in these affiliate sites when you can flick on to Amazon and buy the products anyway? Are these affiliate sites simply inundating the web with duplicate content pages?

Amazon is a beast of a site; there are thousands of products to choose from. If you have brought from Amazon before you will know that Amazon are targeting specific products connected with prior purchases once you are logged in.

The affiliate Amazon shops do not have this ability, although if you ending up buying a product from one an affiliate site, it will of course affect your personal Amazon settings as ultimately you 'Check Out' via the Amazon interface.

Are the hard-core affiliate marketers simply flogging the Amazon affiliate model to death?

But what if you are looking for something that it is not at the forefront of Amazon? The Amazon site has an excellent search facility, literally you can find a product in double quick time.

Here are three sites that I have picked as good niche Amazon shop sites:

Singstar Shop - A really niche site dedicated to the PlayStation Karaoke phenomenon

Caribbean Travel Books - Offers travel guides to holiday destinations in the Caribbean

Poker Books, Games and Accessories - Selling all things related to Poker

Your Own Swimming Pool- Offers books and resource information for anyone looking to buy a swimming pool for the home as well as pumps, filters and basic swimming pools.

Singstar ShopAll three sites offer goods via Amazon, but all three sites offer products that may not extensively at the forefront of Amazon when you hit the site.

The other factor is this; is an Amazon affiliate site ever likely to appear above Amazon in the SERPS? Whilst not impossible, it is seemingly unlikely simply because Amazon has trust and huge power.

Your Own Swimming PoolThe thing is this; does the web need these shops? After all there are a hundred other sites all selling exactly the same products? The maximum you can get from being an affiliate of Amazon is a paltry 10%. To earn money an Amazon shop will have to turn over some serious money. Of course there are multiple ways to monetize a site other than relying on a checkout via Amazon, but would that be enough?

So are affiliate Amazon sites extensively for web users or web marketers? I know what I think, but what do you think?

Caribbean Travel BooksWith sites such as Associate-o-Matic offering an easy to use interface to construct an Amazon shop, what is the harm in chancing your arm and putting a store together? After all for a few wasted hours you may actually find yourself sitting on a little goldmine!

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