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Do online competitions work?

How do you feel about competions, do they work for you? Do you even use them as a marketing tool for your website?

Are you one of these sceptics that believes that no one can ever win anything online and that any competition online is all about collecting precious customer data only?

Are you worried that if you do enter a competition that your mailbox is going to get spammed to death with all sorts of information that you are not remotely interested in?

Competions can be genuine, not everything is like the BBC or ITV and faked.

Take Zoo Jewellery for example, the silver jewellery specialist continue to grow their mailing list. One of the main reasons the mailing list has grown is because of the regular competitions they have on the site. The unsubscriptions are relatively few and far between and email newsletters are regularly sent to the subscribers.

As regular as clockwork (Monthly) Zoo Jewellery change their competition with a new prize on offer, they then make the draw and inform the winner, collect the address details and send out the prize.

Reasons why online retailers should offer competitions

  • Build mailing lists
  • Gain links
  • Create buzz
  • Bring back repeat visitors
  • Increase brand awareness

Do you want traffic, buzz and links?

Seriously, there is buzz to be had and competitions are one of the quickets wins to get traffic to a site. Competitons can also get people talking about you as well.

If your competition you offer on your site is genuine and genuine winners are picked and sent the prize it will get talked about, Who better to extol the virtues of your business than a happy competition winner who found you via one of the competition sites?

Are you marketing your competition effectively?

There are plenty of sites where you can advertise competitions and the like, check out the following and get your mailing list bulging and increase your online business awareness.

Money Saving Expert, Loquax, Free UK Stuff

So if you fancy a crack at winning some jewellery, enter this months competition at Zoo Jewellery.

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