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Internship SEO Training: First Graduation

Ammon Johns

Today, Rebecca Kelley from SEOmoz graduates from the Fresh Egg SEO Intern Training programme.

The two weeks have certainly flown by, but we have packed a full programme of SEO learning, training, and above all, practice into the time. I feel happy that Rebecca will be taking away a lot of practical experience and fresh perspectives with her. She's now also the first (and so far only) SEO practitioner in the world to have worked with both Rand Fishkin and myself, and to have learned from both. It will be interesting to watch her future career and see what she does from such an interesting starting point in her first year in this industry.

Of course, it comes as no surprise, I'm certain, that Rebecca came through the training and graduated with flying colours. She's certainly capable of being an asset to any SEO team.

Just as a recap, let's review the topics we've covered during this training:

  • Psychology of Searchers - understanding the 4 conversions to any sale, how the search terms change with the searcher's progress through the shopping cycle, and how to align properly with the searcher's mindset.
  • SEM Business models, practices and management.
  • Site Analysis - used both to benchmark clients sites, and to perform analysis of competitors to gain valuable intelligence.
  • Project Immersion - how building a detailed understanding of your clients, their business issues, and their history helps you perform better work and maintain a stronger relationship.
  • Statistics and Analytics - knowing how to track effects in changing data, and how to seperate coincidence from real trends.
  • Optimisation for Dynamic Websites
  • Effective use of meta data - including the powerful Title tag for its ranking effect, and the Description Meta for helping convert the search result viewer into an interested visitor.
  • Link strategies, Copywriting, and Key phrase research were of course also included to round out the course.

It has been a genuine pleasure to have Rebecca with us these past two weeks, and we'll miss her next week I'm sure. However, with our new full-time member of staff, Juliette, and our next Intern, BJ Wright, both joining us on Monday, we have plenty to look forward too as well.

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