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Search Engine Ultimisation (SEU) - the Evolution of SEO?

Allan Bisset

The one thing this internet marketing business needs is yet another acronym isn’t it! So, while we sympathise with all those out there overloaded with jargon to the extent that we seem to be speaking in tongues half the time, at Fresh Egg we feel the need to inject our very own new piece of terminology into the marketing mix: Search Engine Ultimisation (SEU).

So why do we want to deviate from good old SEO?

Well we don’t really! After all, we are the SEO experts. We’ve been championing SEO for years to our clients (and anyone else willing to listen) about how Search Engine Optimisation increases and improves the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural search results.

How all visitor and purchaser journeys begin with Search and how those visitors will search within the top ranking sites because they “know” this is where they will find the most relevant content.

How SEO aims to attain the best possible position for your site and then maintain that ranking on an ongoing, dynamic, permanent and cost-effective basis. That may involve looking at a site’s presentation, coding and structure, as well as adding unique content and blogs to make sure the website is more appealing to its visitors – and a search engine spider is just another visitor after all, programmed to be as discerning as a human visitor would be.

How we must adhere to strict ethical guidelines - so called “Black Hat” techniques or unethical practices like using link farms are, and quite rightly should be, a no-no!

Yup, that’s all still true and classical SEO is all about increasing your number 1 positions for keywords and loads of link building and content to get visitors to your site – and we are pretty good at that!

But Search Engine Ultimisation: It’s about getting leads and conversions by getting visitors through, not just to, your site.

Our goal as a company should be not only to increase traffic to our client’s sites, but also to increase the number of search terms that our clients are found under and also to ensure the relevancy of search terms to our clients’ website and core business, which then increases leads and customer conversions for our clients.

So there you are! Yet another acronym added to the party. But one that we think has genuine merit this time round.

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