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SEO Intern Training - Day 1

Ammon Johns

Today we begin Rebecca's SEO Training Internship. Rebecca is already fairly experienced in many aspects of working in an SEO company of course, through her time at SEOmoz. So we are starting her off right away with the topic of SEO Business Models and Commercial SEO Practices.

In that way, Rebecca can straight away learn what the differences in our companies may be, and the how and why of those differences. This should help greatly in putting all else she learns here into context. It enables Rebecca to adapt things to other business models, and even to see which services or practices may not fit all business models.

For someone at Rebecca's level, already with experience inside an SEO agency, this is what I consider a relatively easy start to settle in. But importantly, it will show right from the start that we are holding nothing back.

Not that everything was easy for Rebecca today. Her desk hadn't been delivered and assembled, though thankfully it wasn't essential today as she spent the first half of the day in our meeting room, and the afternoon at my desk seeing how I answer the enviable question that a client posed of how to best allocate a £1.5 million online marketing budget for next year.

She has certainly taken a lot of notes today. Just as well too, because next week she's coming with us to pitch our proposal on that spend. Not that she'll have time to get nervous about making the pitch. Tomorrow she's working on analytics, measuring the impact to conversions of some usability and psychology adjustments made to a site a few weeks ago. She'll be presenting her findings when that client comes in for their monthly meeting later on. On Wednesday she's coming with me to London to give a consultancy to a client.

It is important to do things this way. Some things are only truly learned through practice and application.

Wax on. Wax off. Paint the fence.

We are not at all the only ones to be excited at how this will all work out. Kim and David seem quite interested too.

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