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SEO Intern Training - Day 2

Ammon Johns

This morning Rebecca took her direction from Lee Colbran and got into the nitty-gritty of web analytics.  We particularly wanted to measure any changes to conversion rates from a new development put into an existing website some weeks back. Analytics are an essentail part of being able to gain, and apply, intelligence in your SEO work, of course.

Meanwhile, the Interns' desk was finally delivered and assembled. It is a huge thing, custom built, that places the Interns right in the heart of the SEO team area, pretty much equidistant to both myself and to Lee. It is the Lincoln Continental of desks. Only fair, since Rand had equipped Rebecca with a laptop the size of a buick for her time in England. :)

We went over the analytics later, and I was quite disappointed to note no real difference to conversion rates from our development. We are now devising further tests to determine whether this is due to the demographic (mainly an older audience) or due to insufficient implementation. Another learning exercise, for us all.

Tomorrow Rebecca is coming with me back to London to consult with a client. I carefully picked this session for her as it is on a topic she knows very well indeed, and can speak about herself, with me there to help it along and guide the session. She may be a little nervous, but if I wasn't sure she was ready and able, I wouldn't have arranged it.

On a lighter note, Jaimie's Geek Guide to Rejection was one of the highlights of my day today.

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