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SEO Intern Training: Day 3

Ammon Johns

I'm posting this late, as we were pretty busy all last week. However, I know some of you are keenly following Rebecca's progress, and the training programme itself, so I won't keep you waiting any longer.

On Wednesday, after a short but busy time in the office in the morning, Rebecca and I headed off to West Worthing railway station and caught a train to London to consult with one of our clients. The journey takes about 85 minutes, so we had time to chat on the way.

I've always been blessed (and fussy) enough to have some amazing clients. For this particular consultancy, Rebecca was coming with me to visit one of the UK's leading mobile phone suppliers, Dial-a-phone. What's great about Dial-a-phone is that they are very smart and well informed about online marketing. They understand perfectly the value of SEO and SEM to their business, and are committed to achieving success.

The Head of Online Marketing at Dial-a-phone is savvy enough to have been a member at some SEO and webmaster forums for quite some time, and knew perfectly well who Rebecca was. I have great appreciation for them helping to support this training programme so practically. In thanks, I'm giving them some big fat mobile phones link love, and asking any of you in a position to do so to do the same.

As you will probably realise from the practical approach to the whole SEO Internship, Rebecca was not there to simply spectate of course. One of the many issues we were discussing at the consultancy session was blogging, and how to use blogging successfully to build both reputation and links.

It was a quick-fire session, and we covered a lot of ground on a great number of topics. The Marketing Director himself had taken time to be present, and was a very active participant in the discussions. In all, we covered everything from the broad overview stuff right down to specific blog post ideas, and all levels in between. Rebecca performed admirably, and seemed to very much enjoy the atmosphere of this consultancy.

What particularly stood out for me was that on the train down, I'd been explaining how important it is for an SEO to understand their role in the client's supply chain of delivering business. To understand that the SEO must be committed to effective teamwork and their role in helping clients to achieve their business objectives. I'd not mentioned this to the clients, yet at the end of the consultancy meeting, the Marketing Director for Dial-a-phone made clear to Rebecca just why I think so highly of them as clients. He shook Rebecca's hand and said "welcome to the team".

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