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SEO Internship: Week 1

Ammon Johns

We rounded off the first week of training for this SEO Internship Programme with taking analytics data and turning that into a report suitable for a client. That and some hands-on search engine optimisation work on a dynamic website.

What makes this training programme so special of course is its real-life context. So the client cancelled the meeting they were coming in for, and rather than make a report in that meeting, the report had to be made self-explanatory enough to send over to them. That's the kind of thing that happens in the real world that this programme teaches you to handle.

There's currently no universally accepted standards in SEO. No accredited certification. So while a certificate from Fresh Egg, signed by Lee Colbran and myself, along with the rest of the team here, carries some kudos, it is the reference and experience that really counts. Our interns know they have put their knowledge into practice with some of the UKs most established SEOs, that they've been in our team, and been pulling their weight in that real-world scenario.

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