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SEO Training in the UK

Ammon Johns

Those who have known me across the years know that I am a strong fan of training and education in general. In particular, I am a champion for increasing training in Search Marketing because, quite frankly, it is a far more complex world now than it was in the past.

Trying to teach yourself the skills and mindset of search engine optimisation from forums and blogs today would be almost impossible. Not due to lack of information, of course. Instead, the problem is that there is too much misinformation, outdated information, and general noise.

You'll easily find thousands of posts and articles telling you how to do what everyone else is reading and doing. Which naturally means that you'll easily find thousands of pieces of effectively worthless generic advice you can't use - except as a prime example of what not to do if you want to stand out from the mass in any way.

And that is the good stuff! Don't even think about how much dross will have given you false or outdated information which stopped working years ago, or worse, actually began to count against its users years back.

Here at Fresh Egg, we previously created our SEO Internship and SEO Scholarship initiatives to offer top-quality training, and most importantly, real-world hands-on experience, to anyone who wanted a career in SEO. It immediately proved to be a popular offering, gaining considerable interest, industry praise, and even scholarship funding.

On the flip-side of the same coin, we have been providing workshops and seminars exclusively for the clients of Fresh Egg. These have provided training and knowledge enabling clients to optimise the process of working with Fresh Egg. It provides education on how the clients of an SEO Agency can get a lot more out of their investment.

In these seminars, we aimed the knowledge specifically at the in-house teams and individuals. Covering the very best practices in maximising the overall benefits and strengths of SEO, and utilising all resources, in-house and outsourced, to find that sweet-spot of overall optimial performance. That is what optimisation is all about, after all.

Well, we finally get to open these valuable seminars up to all. Our first open SEO Workshop seminar is all set for 3rd October 2008. The sharp-eyed folks at both SEOmoz and at Bruce Clay have both noted the dates and each mentioned the event in their newsletter or round-up. Both companies also offer great value training of their own too, so they know what they are talking about in this field, for sure.

If you want to reserve a place at the event, I do advise getting in touch soon.

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